Smart Hub

Guidewave has further products in development which will enable an alternative route of infusion directly down the guide catheter:

Flow-Compensating Smart Hub

  • Proof of concept model developed with integrated flow sensing and algorithm to compensate for pressure change.
  • Multiple design concepts allow implementation at alternative locations of the tubing configuration.
  • Options for the sensor to either integrate with the Pa sensor or communicate directly with the monitor.
  • Wired or wireless signal communication.

Enabling Pressure & Flow without a Microcatheter

Aortic pressure change versus infusion rate

There is a procedural challenge to infusing directly down a guide catheter whist simultaneously displaying real time pressure. Infusion down the guide catheter changes the aortic pressure reading, thus affecting the FFR calculation.

This challenge is compounded by the fact that flow rate needs to be high enough to get sufficient drug rapidly into the coronary arteries, but pressure difference rises as infusion rate is increased. At a clinically useful infusion rate, the resulting FFR inaccuracy would be unacceptable and could contribute to inappropriate patient management.

Guidewave’s future products are designed to address this challenge easily in routine practice by integrating and automating flow compensation.